古巴雪茄配件专卖店(香港中国香港铜锣湾) Cohiba Siglo i ii iii iv v vi 1 2 3 4 5 6 高希霸,科伊巴世纪1 2 3 4 5 6号雪茄, Maduro 5 Magicos Genio Secretos , Behike 52 54 56,中國香港銅鑼灣古巴雪茄配件專賣店 Cigar’s accessories Shop in Causeway Bay,Hong Kong, Chinacuban cigar,送禮,香港雪茄店,古巴雪茄專門店,COHIBA Siglo Maduro Behike雪茄食法,雪茄打火機,噴火槍,TORCH,雪茄剪刀,雪茄盒,雪茄箱,Cigar Humidor,Cigar Cutters,雪茄套,煙灰缸,Cigar Ashtrays,Cigar Cases
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About Ever Cigar’s Accessories

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Ever Cigar’s Accessories Shop has been providing well quality goods and related accessories to our customer for more than 16 years since 1998. Our first shop was located in Tai Koo Kornhill Plaza. As we could only provide take away service at that moment, we moved to shop near Taikoo Place since year 2000. Our customer can enjoy cigar tasting service there.

In order to let more customer enjoy our quality cigar, we set up our second branch in Mongkok.  Please feel free to visit us.


Ciga Retail Stores in Hong Kong


雪茄打火機/噴火槍Cigar Torch
雪茄剪刀 Cigar Cutters
雪茄套 Cigar Cases
雪茄盒/雪茄箱 Cigar Humidor
雪茄煙灰缸,Cigar Ashtrays

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Ever Cigar’s accessories Shop in Causeway Bay

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Quarry Bay Cigar’s accessories Shop(photo)

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(Thank you for your support, the shop has been in Quarry Bay for over 14 years,It was close of business on September 1, 2014, and moved to Causeway Bay store)

香港鰂魚涌太古坊Cigar Bar 雪茄店

Cigar Bar 雪茄店




Cigar Accessories Promotion

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EVER新年新優惠 english

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Brand Name Story: Davidoff

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Cuban Davidoff cigars
In 1967, Davidoff was approached by Cubatabaco, Cuba’s state tobacco monopoly after the Revolution, about creating a personal brand of cigars for his stores. The cigars were rolled in the newly established El Laguito factory in Havana, which had been established to roll Cuban President Fidel Castro’s own private cigars, Cohíba. In 1968, the first productions of Davidoff cigars were released, which included the No. 1, the No. 2, and Ambassadrice (which all shared the same sizes as the early Cohiba line) and the Châteaux Series (now no longer under the Hoyo de Monterrey label, but exclusively made for the Davidoff marque).
In the 1970s, the Mille Series, a milder blend than the rest of the line, and the Dom Pérignon, named for the famous champagne, were released on the market. In 1986, a special limited release of 80 Anniversarios cigars were made to celebrate Zino’s 80th birthday.
In 1982, the Château Yquem cigar produced by Davidoff was discontinued after the owner of Château d’Yquem wine protested over their unauthorized use of the trade name. The Château Mouton Rothschild came out shortly after, though with a different blend and slightly different size to its predecessor.
A Cuban-made Davidoff Dom Pérignon with its namesake, Dom Pérignon champagne
The Cuban Davidoff Line
The cigars within the Cuban Davidoff line included…
No. 1 – 7½” x 38 (192 x 15.08 mm) Laguito No. 1, a long panetela
No. 2 – 6″ x 38 (152 x 15.08 mm) Laguito No. 2, a panetela
Ambassadrice – 4½” x 26 (115 x 10.32 mm) Laguito No. 3, a cigarillo
Tubo – 6″ x 38 (152 x 15.08 mm) Laguito No. 2, a panetela (same blend as the No. 2)
Dom Pérignon – 7″ x 47 (178 x 18.65 mm) Julieta, a Churchill
Châteaux Series
Château Haut-Brion – 4″ x 40 (102 x 15.87 mm) Perla, a tres petit corona
Château Lafite – 4½” x 40 (116 x 15.87 mm) Franciscano, a tres petit corona
Château Lafite-Rothschild – 4½” x 40 (116 x 15.87 mm) Franciscano, a tres petit corona (name changed from above circa 1983)
Château Latour – 5⅝” x 42 (142 x 16.67 mm) Corona, a corona
Château Margaux – 5⅛” x 42 (129 x 16.67 mm) Mareva, a petit corona
Château Mouton Rothschild – 6⅛” x 42 (155 x 16.67 mm) Corona Grande, a long corona
Château Yquem – 6″ x 42 (152 x 16.67 mm) , a long corona
Mille Series
1000 – 4⅝” x 34 (117 x 13.49 mm) Panetela, a small panetela
2000 – 5⅛” x 42 (129 x 16.67 mm) Mareva, a petit corona
3000 – 7″ x 33 (178 x 13.10 mm) Ninfa, a slim panetela
4000 – 6⅛” x 42 (155 x 16.67 mm) Corona Grande, a long corona
5000 – 5⅝” x 46 (143 x 18.26 mm) Corona Gorda, a toro
Special Production
80 Aniversario – 9¼” x 47 (235 x 18.65 mm) Gran Corona, a giant or presidente
Apparently after numerous disputes over quality and ownership rights over the brand, Zino Davidoff and Cubatabaco decided to end their relationship. Leading up to this, in August 1989 Zino had publicly burned over one hundred thousand of his cigars that he had deemed of low quality and unfit to sell. The Cuban Davidoff line was officially discontinued in 1991 and an agreement was signed that no more Cuban Davidoffs would be sold in Davidoff shops worldwide. A Dominican-made Davidoff cigar had already hit the market in November 1990, where production of the sizes that had been made in Cuba continues to this day.
Former managers at El Laguito have claimed that the Davidoff blend was very similar to Cohíba, though with a lighter wrapper leaf. The bands used on Davidoff cigars themselves are of the same format that personalized diplomatic cigar bands had been in previous years. Adriano Martínez, a former executive of Habanos SA, confirmed in Min Ron Nee’s Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars that the Cohíba Línea 1492 was made to fill the gap left by the discontinuation of Davidoff.
The huge success of the Davidoff brand may have been instrumental in making Dominican premium cigars the number-one bestsellers worldwide, though many would argue that this is solely as a result of the U.S. embargo on Cuban cigars.

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Contact Us

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Cigar Bar in Mong Kok

Address: Shop 2202, Pakpolee Commercial Center, Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok, Kowloon

Email: ever_cigar2@yahoo.com.hk

Telephone: (852)-23682335

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 1300-2200

Sunday 1300-1800

Only close on first to third day of Lunar New Year


Cigar Bar in Quarry Bay

Address: 2 Hoi Kwong Street, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island

Telephone: (852)-25675767

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 1300-2200

Close on Sunday and Public Holidays

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Cigar Celebrity: Sir Winston Churchill

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winston churchill

Highlights of Winston Churchill

(A) Sir Winston Churchill started smoking cigar in his early 20s during his trip to Cuba in 1895

(B) Romeo y Julieta and La Aroma de Cuba are his two favorite brands

(C) He smoked 8 to 10 cigars per day and the two days expenses of his smoking equals to his official biographer’s weekly salary

(D) In his study room, he had 3000 to 4000 cigars well stored and organised by several Cuban cigar suppliers

(E) Sir Winston Churchill had to smoke so frequently that once he required to smoke cigar on an aeroplane

(F) Sir did not quite care about the ash so he always left a trail of ash behind or sometimes on his clothes. Quite so often left his clothes on fire because of burning cigars.

(G) Sir invented “bellybandos” to wrap the unlit end of cigar to prevent the unlit end was too moisten by his saliva.

It was in the Caribbean that Churchill’s cigar smoking began in earnest. Having arrived in Havana in November 1895, along with a fellow officer named Reginald Barnes, and having been stood up at the docks by the Spanish commandant who was to have met the two men, Churchill and Barnes took a room at one of the best hotels in town and spent the next several days living off of little more than two of the local specialties, oranges and cigars. From that point on, Churchill favored Cuban cigars above all others.

As Larry Arnn, an assistant to Martin Gilbert, Churchill’s official biographer, has said, “Thereafter, cigar and Cuban were synonymous for Churchill.” Indeed, among Churchill’s favorite brands were Romeo y Julieta and the now-defunct La Aroma de Cuba. He had a number of regular suppliers of Havanas who kept him well-stocked with cigars throughout his life, even during the prohibitive years of war. And at Chartwell Manor, his country home in Kent, Churchill stocked between 3,000 and 4,000 cigars, mainly Cuban, in a room adjacent to his study. The cigars were kept in boxes on shelves with labels reading “large” and “small,” “wrapped” and “naked” to distinguish the cigars’ sizes and whether or not they were wrapped in cellophane. Not surprisingly, Churchill spent a great deal of money on his cigars over the years. As one of his valets, Roy Howells, wrote in his book, Simply Churchill, “It took me a little while to get used to the fact that in two days his cigar consumption was the equivalent of my weekly salary.”


Throughout most of Churchill’s political career, he was inseparable from his cigars. And he went to great lengths to make certain that he would not have to abstain needlessly, even for short periods. On one occasion, while serving as prime minister during the Second World War, he was to take his first high-altitude airplane flight in an unpressurized cabin. According to biographer Gilbert, when Churchill went to the airfield on the evening before the flight to be fitted for a flight suit and an oxygen mask, he conferred with the flight expert who was to accompany him on the journey and requested that a special oxygen mask be devised so that he could smoke his cigars while airborne. The request was granted, and the next day Churchill was happily puffing away at 15,000 feet through a special hole in his oxygen mask.

Churchill typically smoked between eight and 10 cigars per day, although he did not constantly smoke his cigars but often allowed them to burn out so that he could chew on them instead. In this manner of consumption, the cigars often became mauled and frayed. To address this problem, Churchill devised what he called a “bellybando,” which was a strip of brownish paper with a little glue on one end. To prevent the cigar from becoming excessively moist and to keep it from fraying, he would wrap the bellybando around the end.

The bellybandos also made it somewhat easier for Churchill to smoke so many cigars every day, because they limited direct contact with the tobacco and, therewith, Churchill’s intake of nicotine. Churchill smoked his cigars down to about the last one or two inches, and, later in life, when he spent much of his time in the country at Chartwell, his staff would save all of the ends of his cigars in order to give them to one of the gardeners at Chartwell, a Mr. Kearnes, who liked to break them up and smoke them in his pipe.

Source from Cigar Aficionado



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